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Cable Pull Switches *max span 125m *General-purpose fiting size and triggering mode *Compatible to EN418 required with emergency stop *button on the surface cover *the switch works in two direction:tripped when the wire *is pulled or breaking. *The switch can be with indicator light to show the state. *Positive Opening of NC contacts *Conform to EN60947-5-5, *ISO13850, ISOTR 12100, IEC 60947-5-1, EN 418 SUNS -
Interlocking Safety Switches * Galvanically separated contacts * Screw terminals with self-lifting clamps for easy wiring * Positive Opening of NC contacts * 4 x 90° actuator positions * Horizontal or Vertical Operation SUNS -
Safety Switches for Hinges Lids * Gaivanically separated contacts * Screw terminals with self-lifting clamps for easy wiring * Postitive Operaing or NC contacts *4x90 actuator positions SUNS -
Manual Reset for Over-Speed Devices * Glass fiber reinforced plastic body * Conform to EN 60947-5-1, IEC 60947-5-1, UL508, * ASME A17.1/5, EN 81-1, EN 81-2 Standards * High sensibility and low actuating force *Galvanically separated contacts *Positive Opening of NC contacts *Conform to EN 50047 standard SUNS -
Solenoid Key-Operated Interlock Switches • Robust zinc die cast head assembly with glass fiber reinforced plastic or zinc die cast body • Three solenoids voltages: 24Vac/dc, 120Vac and 240Vac • Power-to-lock or power-to-unlock types for key trap (2500N holding force) • Flexible switching arrangement • 24 V, 110 Vac, and 230 Vac coil voltages • Override mechanism in cover • Head may be rotated into 4 different positions • Three conduit openings (knock-out style) • Switch position provides status • Choice of different contact blocks • Indicators for switch and solenoid status (optional) • Positive Opening of NC contacts • Cable entry available: M20, and 1/2"NPT • Approval: CE, cULus (pending) SUNS -
Elevator Door Contact 1)For use in controlling the closure position of lift doors or as switch for locking mechanism of automatic doors Safety switch with positive contact 2)Quiet Functioning 3)Self-cleaning double break contact for long service life SUNS -
MP Magnetic Safety Interlock Switch *Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics housing *High resistance to vibration *High switching capacity *EN 61496-1/EN 50022 SUNS -
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